DB658 – The Phantom Black Bagger, and other stories…

It be Monday…

Leigh is back from his strike/camp, with many stories to tell. Ben has sad and happy stories to tell of his week. Leigh got tipped out of a kayak, and did the splits for a while but managed to keep his $3 crocs from being lost forever. Leigh did tweet a lot while on strike, but had some troubles with his phone. Around this point he met an Australian person, who loves Queensland allegedly.

We then hear the story of the phantom toilet blocker of the scout camp, if only it was a composting toilet and it wouldn’t have happened this way.

In other news, Leigh visited a shop on the scout camp. He saw many things related to Bear Grylls in this shop…



And THEN he found “Summer holidays: 10 great things for children to do chosen by Chief Scout Bear Grylls”

DB652 – Australian man dies after eating chilli pie in pub pie eating contest, Police Find 56 Skulls In Austrian Man’s Home, and interesting Twitter suggestions…

It be Friday…

DJTom joins us for the 2nd day in a row. We learn things about many things. BritishWitters has decided to follow Danny Boy on twitter, this leads to many weird things happening. Meanwhile, Leigh is numbing his pain by drinking beer on the air.

Leigh administers the chatroom with forcefullness, but regrets this soon after.

We talk about a documentary featured on the BBC recently.

An Australian man has died during a pie eating contest in a pub just moments after reportedly exclaiming: “Jeez, this chilli pie is hot.” Bruce Holland, 64, a rugby league fan, died during the contest which took place in a local pub in north Queensland on Wednesday evening.

Police in Austria’s Burgenland province say they have charged a man with “disturbing the peace of the dead” after finding 56 skulls and other human skeletal remains in his home.

We talk about scouts for a little while, with woggles and everything.

DB624 – Rasist Wonkie Peaks, The GREAT Dirty Boxers Love Triangle, and Mrs Splinter calls in with REVELATIONS

It be Saturday everybody! Time for fun times and relaxation.

ONCE AGAIN, Ben is late – the bloody cheek. Meanwhile, not everything seems to be working in the studio. Amy’s Baking Company Freaks Out Online After Epic Meltdown On Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ – Leigh’s reaction!

Tory calls in to have a chat about many things – including a Oprah ‘ah-ha’ moment. John has been working on his train set, occasionally. We work on our DJ skills, with DJOil as our teacher.

Mrs Splinter calls in and makes trouble for Ben. She also reveals many and varied things about Bens life. We reveal to her that we created a twitter account. We also bash Ben (and not using Linux).

DB621 – Apple need to “make phones harder to steal”, Sydney restaurant offers $120 bacon and egg sandwich, and Man who made his getaway on a mobility scooter

It be Wednesday…

We talk about the Bible for a little while and the various interpretations and versions of it.

Leigh tells about his alleged scout meeting that is happening this very day.

A Sydney restaurant offers $128 bacon and egg sandwhich because its bacon week!

British police are seeking a man riding a mobility scooter, in relation to a handbag snatching case.

Apple and other phone manufacturers are being urged to make phones harder to steal. This rolls into a discussion of technology and media in general.