DB596 – Fake sex ad, Deadbeat dads beware, and Caretaker drinks, $102,000 of vintage whiskey

It be Monday…

Leigh is feeling a tad tired after being ill over the weekend. We have a new game! Digital Herpes, the idea is to mention The Dirty Boxers Show in some way shape or form.
After the game, we continue to play clips from TalkRadioX and comment on them.

We then begin a discussion of the BBC. Allegedly they are following in the footsteps of Netflix and Hulu, even though they have put tv online for longer than those companies have existed. Mansion’s caretaker sneaks, drinks, $102,000 of vintage whiskey. A man in Milwaukee failed to pay child support for 3 years. This sparks a huge discussion involving many people. Hundreds of would-be sex-buyers responded to an advert in a newspaper in western Sweden, which offered the services of a fictional 19-year-old prostitute.

DB471 – The Cases of the Missing: Prostitutes, Fingers, and Granny’s Bush

It be Tuesday…

Callum Sutton joins Leigh as Ben CANNOT BE BOTHERED to do his JOB! [The cheeky bugger!]. Leigh, meanwhile, has been doing MANLY WORK. Man orders prostitute, daughter arrives. Man cuts sleeping roommate’s fingers off.  Knife-wielding man gunned down by cops in Times Square. Woman attacked while driving. Florida litterbug leaves calling card. And FINALLY Ben decideds to join us…

DB357 – Library sends Police to collect overdue books, Lack of Treats, FAKE Joe de Max, and Issues with Swimming Pools

It be Wednesday…

Leigh feeling lonely. Apologies to Podcast listeners. Leigh turns in to a SysAdmin / IT Guru to work out WTF on the live stream?! The first week of the year is rubbish and horrid and horrid and rubbish – ruins routines. Leigh like schedule and routine. Treats are ruined. New Years’ Swimming issues. MCS Matt tries to be FAKE Joe de Max. Dave Moyer vs Joe de Max. GitmoSlave calls in TRY to apologise. Charlton Library sends Police to collect overdue books from a 5 year old girl. Fine people who sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ wrongly. Walnuts are drugs [say the FDA]… And some other random silly-sausages…

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