DB257 – Happy Independence Day (even though you needed the help of the smelly cheese loving French to win!)

It be Monday…

Celebrity Trash involving Prince, Soundproofing Tom Crusie’s Bedroom, Three-legged Duck, Was mother-in-law from hell email a PR stunt? PLUS your geeky news!

DB217 – LGBT Societies are a front for the KKK!

It be Monday…

On today’s show, while high on Sunlight, Leigh talks about extreme ironing [txtbone’s examples of Ironing ‘on the edge’ Image 1 | Image 2 | Image 3], a LGBT BBQ with Mrs Brown, how Leigh is “no longer a threat”, Prince the singing dog (those Chinese people at it again), and  an epic 3D mural by Qi Xinghua… Oh and an 80-year-old sucking himself!

Your basic Monday then 😀