S Club 7 are back, Tory & Leigh Reviews Their Re-Launch “Performance”, plus The Walking Dead | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 793

It be Monday…

Tory and Leigh are playing and mucking about as “Daddy Ben” is a way today. On Friday, Tashabella’s favourite band OF ALL TIME (maybe a lie) S Club 7 reformed – in no way as a desperate money grab. Meanwhile, it is Wonky Peaks Railway John’s Birthday.

With Tory’s superior music skills, and Leigh having heard a song that one time, they are more than trained to pull a part S Club’s relaunch performance that foolishly happened LIVE on Friday Night’s BBC Children in Need.

Meanwhile, the reason why Leigh doesn’t subscribe to Netflix – even though he really would like to catch up on all things The Walking Dead. Tory rubs it in.

On Extra Dirty:

  • There have been links posted in the Chatroom, and causes issues
  • Leigh received a weird SMS message last Wednesday from an Ex-Mrs Brown – friends with benefits
  • INTERLUDE: Quick story about weddings over the weekend…
  • Leigh want’s a cool Super Hero Sleeping Bag – Tory disagrees
  • THEMED Underoos are ALSO a thing, which are concerning

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DB567 – Lad nights, the invention of ‘Del’, and biting a big toe down to the bone

It be Tuesday…

After frantically organising an emergency back-up live system for the show – Voidzero fixes the servers minutes before the show goes live! We catch up with Ben. Meanwhile, Brian calls to help and support Leigh to discuss the new ‘power couples’ including ‘Del’. [This goes on for a bit, as SOME people can’t help but interrupt Leigh’s story…]

In the second hour, David calls in for a goat update. Leigh FINALLY finishes off his story. Plus: Santa Fe police are investigating what they say is a bizarre case, after a man is accused of biting the tip of his ex-girlfriend’s big toe down to the bone. Montana TV Station’s Emergency Alert System Hacked, Warns of Zombie Apocalypse.

TXTbone sends in some lovely feedback – and suggests this video: I’m single and I LOVE it! by CRABSTICKZ [he obviously has no tatse].