DB633 – Putting the Fun in Funeral, Sperm for Lunch and MrsSplinter’s Girl’s Night Out

It be Friday…

Leigh relates the story of the hairdresser yesterday. Since @MrsSplinter701 is out on a girls night out, Ben is left here on the show. Leigh and Callum teach him about oceans.

Leigh attended a funeral yesterday, with people putting songs in places they don’t belong. On that subject, we also plan Leigh’s funeral.

A woman has been caught with $300,000,000 worth of pot/cannabis/herb/weed.

Can sperm act as a natural super food? We find out after the top of the hour.

A new trend in male grooming is moving below the belt. The new wet wipes are here.

A man has put pubic hair trimmings in a curry, trying to get a free meal.

DB556 – Drugging the Dog, Codeine with Beer, Weed Candy… and Ben hates us!

It be Monday…

Leigh has had a ‘unique’ weekend… Where people decided it was a GOOD idea to drug him. But first, he decides to explain how the new membership system will work for paypal monthly subscribers – as the transition has started.

In other news, Leigh was drugged, but before we can discuss this important [and SOME might say, concerning] subject – Technoexpert and LoneSQRL call in for a chat. Why JJ abrams is directing Star Wars film – and Leigh has thoughts. Meanwhile, Leigh was drugged with adaptil which is SUPPOSEDLY to keep Dogs happy. “Adaptil is a product that has been developed to help support dogs through a range of challenging situations that they may face during their life” – more like give Leigh a manic tripping fit! So instead of being sensible, [and so he didn’t feel the wrath of Neagle] Leigh decided to go out, where more madness happened!

In other news, “Weed Candy” dubbed newest street drug. At least 18 states have legalized it, but there’s always someone out there willing to take advantage. The newest street treat is actually an old fashioned recipe – candy made out of pot.

DB175 – Free-for-all in to Randomness

It be Tuesday… I’m high as a kite on something?!
(If you know what it is,please get back to me, as I need some more!)

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • Tony off to London
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Lovely day
  • Sky TV moved everything 🙁
  • Epic Weird News Show!
  • Red Nose Day Fundraising Pack arrived
  • 48hrs of Dirty Boxers?
  • Pot anyone?
  • The iPope
  • Celebrity Trash
  • Geeky News

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