DB542 – Catching Up With Uncle Pete, Smelly Wives, and Belly Jungles

It be Tuesday…

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Uncle Pete and Leigh sit down to have a good old catch up. But as always we quickly start talking about overly ambitious ideas…

What you don’t want to do is spend Christmas driving around Bristol with food poisoning. Meanwhile, New Years’ resolutions and thw whole concept of new years’ in general are foolish ideas. BBC Breakfast last year were talking about Blue Monday. 20 Questions game to work out Pete’s new BIG project. Leigh decides that he and Uncle Pete should team up to write a self-help book to “help and support” people who want to get motivated. Leigh reckons all the selfhelp books just tell you to write lists – and if Charles McFall & Mordant can do it with Success Freaks, why can’t we? Leigh becomes a reverent live on air.

Gift from Pete: 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person [NSFW]
Gift from Leigh: Nirto Tasks

Chris Humphreys and LoneSQRL call in for the second hour – where we talk about why Leigh now has a private and personal Twitter account, how Gay John looks like Robbie Rotten, Husband Dismisses Wife Because Of Strange Body Odour and What Lives in Your Belly Button? Study Finds “Rain Forest” of Species.

DB349 – How to fix the Paedophile Problem, PIMPS, MORE Underage Listners, Myndrunner and Deb, NO COFFEE

It be Wednesday…

Bit of a late start – traffic was horrid! The new pocket watch for the modern age. Leigh’s throat hurts – perhaps vocal warm ups are in order? [Vocal tip of the week with Brett Manning]. Myndrunner and Deb joins the show from Myndjack Radio. Myndrunner turns out to be Deb’s pimp! Under-age listeners: Fraser and Noah should not be listening. The TRUTH about All Digital Radio Network. The best [and only] British Export! Burning things in Science class. Mr Oil reports in from St. Petersburg. Top tips for loosing weight. Tip for life: Become a human Swiss Army Knife. Regulations about Child Bearing hips. WWW.EggsListS.com goes to Dirty Boxers! [NOT EGGslist.com] Geeky Things Update… The domain name is READY!

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