DB528 – Pimping Plasma, Pizza Perfume, and Woo Hoo I Killed a Dog

It be Wednesday…

Put simply, Leigh is banning Festmas. Meanwhile, the French are heading towards extinction. Smoking may worsen a hangover, a stupid US study finds.

We talk about a silly study involving university students drinking in the USA, small sample sizes are involve.

Pizza hut is coming out with a perfume.

We have Florida news: A skinny florida woman has gained 400kg of weight.

A dog has died in Memphis. Apparently, there is new hand signal for “woohoo, I killed a dog”.

24 hour Boxathon: Hours 23 – 24

The eleventh and FINAL installment of the Dirty Boxers 24 hour marathon – with Leigh Brown and Ginger Steve [@GingerSteve91]. Many guests and mischief as usual…

A HUGE thank you to everyone who joined in with the show – it was truly awesome!

DB411 – Metrosexual is the new gay

It be Tuesday…

Big thank you to Ben [@splinter701] for writing there lovely notes

Leigh is very tired, but still excited about yazm.in. The troubles of making a promotional video when police are involved. MCS calls in to discuss the new and great yazm.in. MrOil calls in and then walks his dog. The yazm.in video is now published after a lot of work. Should gingers be given a suntan lotion allowance? A brilliant idea is concieved, pizza place + medical marijuana = profits. Stories of scamming the system are analysed. Another brilliant idea, gays should adopt instead of using high-tech to concieve. MCS is accused of being a batty boy but instead discovered and classified as metrosexual.