DB341 – Santa Claus is FIRED, EA Games don’t get it, and Houses are cheap!

It be Friday…

After a LONG week of issues, and general problems – Leigh wants to have a relaxed and chilled out show… What could POSSIBLY go wrong? Tony is almost finished his Movember challenge [Give him money!]. Leigh will be on BagelTech Nonsense on Saturday 9.30pm UK time [www.bageltechnews.com]. Update with the Police Pizza Shooting. Scouting meeting on Wednesday – going to redesign the 13th Cambridge Scout Group website. Splinter’s thoughts on EA, Unisoft and Steam. Mr Oil reports that the UK is closed on Wednesday.

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DB090 – Who’d da thunk it?

Tuesday’s lovely show… Ooh the excitement!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4… Grr! (Watch the trailer here)
  • Haverhill Echo front page headline
  • Sing-a-long Tuesday
  • Manflu in the house… Mother-dearest is ill upstairs
  • ‘No Frills’ Hotels – Tune Hotels
  • New ‘imaging’ for Dirty Boxers coming Monday
  • Celebrity Trash
  • Feedback
  • Thought of the Week / Rant of the Week
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  • Shh… Something different! lol

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