SCIENCE! People with Higher IQ Smoke More Weed! | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 774

It be Wednesday…

Leigh is joined by Ben & Tory for a fascinating Wednesday chat. We catch up with Ben who has got some AMAZING surprises of what he has been up to over the summer break. You won’t believe what Mrs Splinter has got him doing! Plus an exciting update about Ben’s football / soccer team.

We also have some feedback from a listener via our Contact Us page. Also, we have an update concerning Matthew Hancock MP and his letter he sent Leigh in April.

Finally, we do some SCIENCE on Ben, after Leigh found an info-graph entitled “The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People“… Turns out, by using SCIENCE, Ben is not smart. Perhaps next time we can scientifically prove if he is a person or not 😛

On Extra Dirty:

  • 14-year-old boy is facing two years in jail [NSFW IMAGE]
  • Ben was caught moments before doing the same thing [NSFW IMAGE]
  • But THIS is ok?! [NSFW IMAGE]
  • Also, Leigh has been looking in to Home Automation Systems – be concerned!

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DB569 – The GREAT Pancake Mix SAGA, C+ for effort, and professional homosexuals in Nottingham

It be Thursday…

Leigh is not having a good week. A simple task of buying ready-made pancake mix for scouts this evening is turning in to a living nightmare! To illistrate this, he calls his local stores to see if they have any pancake mix. Later, Wld Smurf James and Mummy’s Boy Joe call in from Nottingham and discuss being hungover. Mr Humphries and Brian call in to join the ‘fun’.

In the second hour, LoneSQRL has sent Leigh a book to read – Still Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, and it’s all decided that we should start a book club [better than Oprah of course]. Goat-lover David calls in to discuss update with Billy-Boy – his nuts are going on Saturday! Deer joins Suffolk sheep in Dunwich and Orford Ness. University student receives C+ grade, sues for $1.3 million.

DB537 – Over Sprinkle My McFlurry, London’s Tweeting [not burning], and the Pit Bull Babysitter

It be Tuesday…

Ben is off at his book club [or IS he?!], so gives Leigh the opportunity to flap about hings that’s on his mind. Twitter could be used to take 999-style emergencies, fire brigade says. McDonald’s “waitress” given £3,000 in an out of court settlement after she was sacked for sprinkling extra chocolate on pal’s McFlurry [image]. Which brings back the idea that the Dirty Boxers family should start up a Fish and Chips franchise across the USA.

Plus, feedback from Matt about moving his friend from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Stockton, California – with ‘helpful’ tourism information from our man on the ground. James Irvine Left Pit Bull To Babysit Infant Son. Is Memphis the new Florida? Man Arrested for Soliciting a 14-Year-Old for Sex.