DB546 – The Youth of Today, Are Schools Dumbing Down, and the elephant in the room…

It be Monday…

Today’s show is lovingly sponsored by: Marty from the WI, Tony the Batty-Boy Tony, and LoneSQRL.

Rev. Leigh is joined by Daniel Bell today due to a school ‘snow day’. Be careful of the KILLER SNOW! We get confused about Dan’s GCSE Drama course. Leigh realises a BTEC in IT is foolish, cause it seems to be a “We love Mircosoft” course. “That’s what she said!”. Meanwhile, Leigh has had a horrid weekend due to a Hard Drive dying. However, for someone who is doing a BTEC in IT – he doesn’t know about Hard Drives and partitions. There is concern over the Mission Statement of Dirty Boxers.

Swedish students irked by housing comments. British schools told to scrap ‘i before e’.

DB384 – Justin Biebers Penis, Brit in the USA roundup, Afternoon Slacker Club, Violent towards Snow, Happy ‘V Day’,

It be Tuesday…

Little confused about technical issues… Very confused Leigh. Granny Pants and melt ice cream is not a good look. John Coles [@johncoles] our ‘Brit in the USA’, has returned to report back on his trip. Tax-free Currys.digital is STILL called Dixons. Dixons Group / Coporate people have RUINED the whole branding. The White House vs Buckingham Palace. Getting Geeky about Mountain Dew USA version vs Mountain Dew UK version. John talks about the Go Pro Hero 2 ‘Outdoor Edition’ [video of John unboxing] Go Pro Hero 2 ‘Motorsports Action’ edition about too. Dirty Boxers has TWO Amazon Wishlists: Dirty Boxers Appreciation Gifts and Dirty Boxers Coffee Fund. Contraceptive pill recalled in US. Justin Bieber not only HAS a Penis, but more important it HAS been seen! Justin Bieber and Donny Osmond. MCS Matt [@matt0083] calls in to have a chat. Leigh has an AMAZING idea… Cock and Bull Pie is now available. Pizza Beer is coming to the UK. TashaBella calls in to ask Leigh to be her Valentine.

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Dirty Boxers 078 – Bloody PC World!

Ooh, look… a Thursday show!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Buzzing on inspiration
  • Enjoying playing with Photoshop
  • Difficult to do today’s show…
  • Being more sociable
  • Update about Mic and lack of Rode products in the UK
  • New email address!
  • Story about PC World Cambridge
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