DB695 – Bad Halloween Costumes, Man on trial for saying ‘f**k off’ and No One Is Having Sex on Their Wedding Night Anymore

It be Wednesday…

Leigh gets a weird package through the post this morning… It’s a big, brown envelope – and so automatically assumes that he is being taken to court – obviously! Meanwhile, a silly situation about the upload limits concerning the on demand video service for TV Licence holders – turns out Leigh can only upload 5GB per week at present, and each day DB is using 1.1GB.

Since Ben was late today, his show notes start in the 2nd hour.
We are talking about halloween. Two British teenagers have dressed up as the Twin towers (that got destoyed on 11/9/2001). Another woman has dressed up as a Boston Marathon Victim.

A Canadian man living in Dubai is on trial for telling a customer service representative from his local telecom provider to “fuck off.” Lawyer: Client’s f-bomb not an insult because he’s Canadian.

In our collective imagination, every bride and groom is leaving the reception in a limo and arriving at a rose strewn hotel suite where they will do unspeakable things on the hotel’s high-thread-count sheets. Wrong! Recent polls suggest that more than 50 percent of couples are now forgoing sex on their wedding night.

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DB382 – Adam Curry DOES NOT wear a wig [and we need to apologies], Getting on TWiT, and Breaking No Agenda Stream…

It be Friday…

Let’s be education in the world of volume. We need to apologies to Adam Curry for yesterday’s rude words… Meanwhile TalkRadio X starts randomly talking to Leigh via Skype Text Chat – MUCH confusion! Antubert calls in to the ‘All Digital Radio Tech Helpdesk’. Laz [Google+] calls in to help with Leigh’s issue: To try and say sorry to Adam Curry. Mr Oil [@mroil] calls in, and starts getting grumpy – with people trying to ‘steal’ the stream, which broke the network. MCS Matt [@matt0083] calls in to try and sort things out – may failed a bit. Then Mr Oil decides to continue with his face and ruin the rest of the show… Leigh was going to hope to ring TWiT Network to make up to Adam Curry, but the whole ‘plot’ is ruined. Brian the ‘TechnoExpert’ calls in to be put on trial for ruining yesterday’s show.

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