DB467 – This Show Title Does Not Reflect the Views of Leigh Brown or his Associates

It be Thursday…

We continue with the ecar insurance saga.
We also hit a serious note talking about the situation for men in a certain countries in africa, with rape leaving them with no option for help, either from the police or rape victim shelters, Link to Part 1 and Part 2

After the break, back to ecar insurance. Leigh wants his money back, since ecar did not provide any useful service and are being right old melons. Leigh reads his emails to ecar aloud to shame them.
TechnoEXPERT @bmonroe calls in to explain a few things about email to Leigh.

Olympics talk again, apparently the seats are empty, which is a worry for the people in charge… for us its terribly amusing.

Lots more olympics crap is spread about, Leigh and Brian argue around in circles.

A man in Pennsylvania has spent over $60,000 that was deposited into his account by mistake and has therefore been charged with theft (these banks are crazy).

There has been a mass text message sent out to many Australians saying “pay us $5000 or die”. No one has ever seen this before.

We end the show with “hooray for the nazis” and “New Zealand Sheep FBI” silliness, much to Leighs annoyance.

and the ecar insurance saga continues…

DB464 – eCar Insurance are RUBBISH [and other stories]

It be Thursday…

The olympics are on topic again, with much silliness going around.
Laz calls in to discuss many, many things including Leighs alleged date and folk music.
Security is a hot topic, apparently Cambridge town is woefully insecure, Leigh wants to keep the riff-raff out. Husband freaks out his wife with a highway prank [video]. 71-year-old bystander shoots robbers during attack [video].
LoneSQRL calls up to give wisdom.
A man in nigeria has been murdered by 5 of his wives by rape, Leigh, Laz and LoneSQRL discuss.
A serious security issue has been brought up, with an iris of an eye being replicated by scientists.

DB462 – Olympic FAIL and Webmistresses

It be Tuesday…

Crazy show full of tech issues on the live stream – but we FINALLY get fixed thanks to GitmoSlave and MrOil. Leigh is joined with by Brian, MrOil, Ben, Joe and Chris at somepoint in today’s show. So we chat about the olympics, Bizarre ‘Goat Man’ revisited, Female flirtation and did we mention the Olympics?

DB460 – Skid Marks and Dog Cams

It be Friday…

Leigh is happy and sad that Charlie boy’s show is gone, he has multiple personalities I think we can all agree. James @wild_smurf001 calls in and talks about security around the olympics, its a right kerfuffle. Ben @splinter701 and LoneSQRL @lonesqrl also call in right away to give an air of official-ness to the recording. LoneSQRL gives a summary of the learning that happened during the week. There was a shooting in an American movie theatre, our wise and witty panel discusses this incident. We have a heavy discussion comparing gun licenses to automobile licenses and security in general.
We discuss Friday issues, such as parties, fireworks and dogging.
Cameras will be strapped to dogs heads to improve surveillance on police operations. Our expert panel discusses this in detail.
A woman has got a misspelled tattoo on her arm and is frightfully disappointed, but she also laughed a lot.

DB275 – Geeking it up with Uncle Pete

It be Monday…

On today’s so we catch up with Uncle Pete from the Emma and Pete Show about his 2 week challenge. We also discuss how Leigh is doing with giving up smoking, Feedback from Mr R Russdale, Internet Famous, YouTube ‘Creators Playbook’, a moist and naked World record attempt, Gnomes with guns take garden pest control up a notch, Kissing is a form of terrorism, US Olympic hopeful dismissed for urinating on 12-year-old… PLUS of course your top 5 geeky news!