DB634 – Leigh warned you about PRISM, Skirts off for train driver men and Sweden named ‘sex disease capital’

It be Monday…

We start of the day with the obvious issue of the PRISM scandal, turns out the NSA was spying on us the whole time, who knew?

We talk about Derek, our browser plugin that helps support the show. Leigh can now afford 2 more light-bulbs!

New idea! Jesus: The awkward teenage years, a new animation.

We have hoody hoody news, in Sweden, a train operator has allowed his train drivers to wear shorts in the face of international pressure.

An increasing number of young swedes are aware of STDs, so more of them are getting tested.

A British man trying to gain Swedish citizenship has had troubles during the process.

DB378 – Penis sizes, Camel Toe solutions, Scouting Magazine, and a Hug-a-mug moment

It be Friday…

It’s a tad cold in the studio. Leigh has a nightmare about camel toe [video]. Dr. Tony Youn reports to us about Penis Sizes, and how to ‘improve it’ with injections. Asking life questions to the Qur’an. Mr Oil calls in [AGAIN!] concerning Leigh’s BUTT. We finally get our hands on this months issue of the Scouting Magazine. More talk about beer and ales… and plans about par-tay! Amazing idea about hot tub rentals.

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