And THIS is why… (the missing show) | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 781

It be Monday…

Ben, Tory and Leigh are by themselves as the live stream is down. Autumn has officially hit in the UK, and it is dank. Over the weekend, Leigh had a snooze on the sofa… Issues occurred. Political mischief is going on in the UK. Leigh decided to start a little experiment:

Meanwhile, Ben reports that there are MAJOR issues going on at TWiT with Brian Brushwood & Justin Robert Young being banned from the network – courtesy of

There is a super secret project coming. A standard version of it will be released for all on Monday 3rd November. But you can pre-order a deluxe version of secret project here. Be warned: the deluxe version WILL NOT be available EVER after 2nd November. Once this opportunity is gone – it’s gone!

On Extra Dirty:

  • People in the UK are going on strike – NHS & Midwives were promised a pay increase, but it turned out to be a lie.
  • Ben reads dramatic quotes of Leo Laporte
  • Alabama School Makes 5-Year-Old Sign Suicide/Homicide Safety Contract
  • Ben’s Football Update

Get Extra Dirty here:

DB496 – Jimmy Savile, Hillsborough and The Story of The QVC Toothbrush

It be Friday…

We have news of conspiracies and coverups. The Hillsborough disaster was covered up by the police eye-witness reports. There is now a full-scale independent investigation into this incident.
The former DJ and philanthropist Jimmy Savile is currently being investigated about child sex allegations.
Leigh relates a story of his early days in the scouts.

We return in more bouncy mood with zombie news! A group of zombies has revivied an actress from a heart attack

A hotel bill dodger has been found through DNA on his toothbrush.

A study has come out indicating that penis size matters.

A woman has fainted live on TV while talking about an Indian android tablet.

DB385 – Justin Bieber is a peodophile, MENS DAY, That’s SO Takei [.tk], UK Smoking Ban and the NHS…

It be Wednesday…

Yay, technical issues! Computers crashed. Had a chat with Neagle about Haverhill FM and the whole .tk – during pint and curry night. Have to go ShoutCast to see where we are ‘live’. Having to sabatage Haverhill FM via the servers. Live Keynotes sound board doesn’t work. Mr Oil calls in with a dog in a mood. Non Smoking and the Smoking Ban in the UK. MCS Matt comes on the show cause he’s bored. NHS should stop bitch about smoking. Sir Darryl’s show is no more – it has ended. started, and so half the chat room runs off… Men’s Day should be celebrated on Dirty Boxers. Can we find a Jewish porn star. Telling off Mr Oil for stalking Mr Daniel Bell of Haverhill FM. Uber-Geeky wedding proposal [video]. Google Translate should have binary as a feature. Justin Bieber marries a 6yr old girl.

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DB158 – First show of 2011 – Justin Bieber tattoo anyone?

It be Monday… Welcome to 2011!

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • Happy Birthday Mrs Brown
  • Dickie, and the trip that went wrong 🙁
  • Floods in Australia
  • Trip to West Suffolk Hospital with Anthony
  • How broken arms / fingers get X-rayed
  • Leaflets from the Fracture Clinic
  • Weird News
  • Celebrity Trash: Justin Bieber tattoo [ Pic 1 | Pic 2 ]
  • BT Content Connect
  • Boxing Day
  • Geeky News

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It be Friday…

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • Still very much deaf!
  • Horrid Facebook Chat…
  • Review on my counselling
  • Why I am deaf
  • Weird News
  • Review of Kona Coffee – Medium Roast
  • Future of Dirty Boxers
  • Tribute to people who work the weekend
  • Geeky News
  • Update with new computer called ‘The Tank’

Music played in this show:

  • None today.

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Presenter Leigh Brown
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