DB629 – Live Sex Show Busted Inside Utah Cinema, Modern Families, Simulcasting and the issues of mobile phones

It be a Saturday show…

Obviously starting as we mean to go on, the old database starts playing, which gives Leigh concern. Callum also joining us today, as he has nothing better to do. Mondern families confuse Leigh. What is the point of visiting family members, when the first thing you do is try and find something else to do without them?

Without much warning, Mr Oil decided it was a good idea to simulcast the show on NAG Radio too. The great Pop-Tart debate. Big Voice Jay does a radio show called ‘Fun Zone Radio’. Mr Oil, Cynthia, Tory and Tashabella call in to cause mischief.

Finally, we discuss the surreal news of a Live Sex Show Busted Inside Utah Movie Theater Allegedly Had Janitor As Ringleader. eBay pulls auction for man’s spot in heaven.

DB340 – Occupy Leo Laporte & Erik Lanigan TWiT Saga continues, Thanksgiving Festive Power-cuts, Tech issues [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday…

Might be the only live show today? Concerns about Splinter in the chatroom… We need to help him become a proper student. LoneSQRL wants to start a conversation, without phoning in to the show?! Twitter feedback. Lot’s of hate mail about Leigh’s comments about TWiT since yesterday… Mr Oil is happy… Loose connections with All Digital Radio and No Agenda Stream [turns out later that USA had power-cuts]. A general chat about Thanksgiving and Religion. MORE feedback from Tim. Mr Oil steals Leather Jacket from Kevin Rose. Tony the Batty-Boy Tony calls in too. Nigerian FBI email scam.

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