DB454 – Laz’s Muscle Hurts…

It be Tuesday…

Today is a slow news day, so we talk about YESTERDAY’S news from the stunning, and completely factual “The Sun” tabloid newspaper. Supermarket trip from HELL. Mr Oil calls in from Florida about things… Tesco and their new ‘racist’ doll line [image]. Laz [@larryortiz] calls in to talk about his saggy bot bot. “Welsh Maggot” is racist. 14-Year-Old Girl is Urged by her Mother to get Breast Implants [image].

DB449 – Trouser Meat = Hooray for the Nazis

It be Wednesday…

Its Leighs birthday today, and he is very excited (if feeling a little old). There is annoying things going on today, with construction noise and stuff. There is a new button on the soundboard, a special happy birthday sound. Also a wild voicemail appears, its super cool. Leigh calls into Charles’ @bearcrawling show to brag about his birthday.
Splinter701 and wild_smurf (james!) both call in to join the conversation and tell recent tales of their lives. Chuck Norris does not approve of gay scouts, but James begs to differ. A woman has been convicted of being naked in public, with good reason according to leigh. Troubles in the courtroom with facebook being chucked into the mix. Leigh is going to watch Iron Sky (hooray for the nazis), everyone is jealous. Also joined by: LoneSQRL, #BOM Brian, JM1163242094583520957, and Cynmac.

DB380 – BREAKING NEWS: Tomato Soup has REAL Tomatoes in it! Starting a War against Stupidity…

It be Tuesday…

Can we start a war against stupidity? Is that allowed? Can Russians respect authority? Mr Oil calls in… WHAT a surprise! [@mroil] Close to MORE Hug-a-Mug moments. People could swallow small parts from Doctor Who Fob Watch. Update on lawsuits. Rant about BT – on BT Infinity Watch. Chatting about trains in the UK. Desperately trying to work out how to get the attic studio connected to fibre. MCS Matt [@matt0083] calls in for a catch up. Ben Splinter [@splinter701] is a FAKE AUSSIE! Laz [Google+] calls in to have a chat about IronSky. John Coles, our Brit in the USA, sends in a report from his travels [video]. Dirty Boxers in on the Stitcher app.

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DB237 – Catch up!

It be Thursday…

My, it has been a while – sorry about the pause of shows! Feedback, (Follow @CrippleMum on twitter), Send MP3s in about what you are doing, Researching history for new show, RAF Upwood, Mrs Brown and I (recap for TXTbone), Out and About at RAF Upwood, BREASTS, teenager on the run, Speaking Dogs, PLUS your geeky news!

RAF Upwood Photos

DB114 – Feeling Crap Tuesday

Not feeling great today 🙁

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Cambridge Venture Scouts Network and 13th Cambridge Scouts Wide Game
  • How to make a landmine
  • Lying to Scouts is fun!
  • Slowly feeling rubbish
  • Dealing with depression
  • Geeky News
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