DB618 – Adobe are stupid, Tests for new chemical guns in UK, and Scott Barron Allegedly Masturbates At Sailboats

It be Friday…

Leigh has many rants and is feeling unwell, fun times. We talk about his crimes and punishments too.

Leigh is ranting about adobe and their cloud stupidity. Ben does a science update. The UK Home Office is testing a new form of chemical gun, which could be used to control rioters and can be fired from more than 100 feet away.

Mothers day is this weekend in the USA and Australia.

Meanwhile, in Florida, a tutor and former pornstar has had his advertisement removed from a school whose students he tutored occasionally.

Another man has been charged with allegedly masturbating in public.

A woman is being charged after trying to cure her son of a gunshot wound by looking up a cure on webMD.

DB611 – Science is rubbish, Florida STD rates, and is Bitcoin worth anything?

It be Wednesday…

We start off the day with technical issues and tomfoolery. The 3rd birthday of the show was yesterday, Leigh went and had curry to celebrate, but the red.

Ben explains the science of Maxwell’s Demon. Though Leigh interrupts rudely throughout.

Leigh is on the prowl, look out ladies…

A man lost his entire life savings at a fairground on the basis that the organisers would give him his money back. We talk about bitcoin malware and scary things on the internet. A man in Kentucky has stored many gallons of his own urine. We announce the best and worst places for STDs in Florida.