DB370 – Underworld: Awakening vs Curry Night and cheap pints, BT causing issues, and the GREAT Mix Minus debate

It be Tuesday… Maybe no chance of curry tonight due to Martin [@m_in_m] – Monopolising time of Neagle [@dominicneagle]. Soundboard has decided number 3’s and number 6’s are BANNED! BT Internet causing issues for Mr Oil, so has decided to go with Satellite Internet with Tooway Direct. Illinois man shoots himself in his head with a nail […]

DB365 – Tesco and their ‘Copyright Policy’, Italian Cruise Liner Costa Concordia, Leigh had a nap… [+ RANDOM Extra Dirty]

It be Monday… Chatting to Joe de Max about the Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia before the show. Port vs Starboard. Tesco and their ‘Copyright Policy’. We review Tesco’s return policy… And maybe a general rant concerning the music industry. Mum finally gets here replacement of her 1st generation iPod Nano. Issues with the car – […]

DB188 – Leigh is Ethical Man

It be Wednesday… Stuff covered in this show: Sponsor: 10% of domain names over at www.hover.com/dirtyboxers Sponsor: Amazingly affordable hosting: www.astrahosting.co.uk Dying of Manflu as ‘normal’ Dad and his alarm clock Curry Night with Dominic & Martin My Ethical Organisation Idea type-thing Clipping from newspaper [image] Weird News China Car Crash [image] Celebrity Trash Geeky […]

DB113 – Dull and Boring Monday

Welcome to a new week of shows! Stuff covered in this show: Housekeeping: Dad’s Birthday today Mummy Neagle’s concern Eating Chocolate Fingers… Chippendales A story about Jeff Celebrity Trash Geeky News Rant about 3D Pete Cooper nicking my idea – The House that Geeks Built Want to get on the radio… Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio Leigh […]