DB294 – McDaddy

It be Friday…

On today’s show we talk about many things of no REAL importance (mainly cause we don’t have enough content). Leigh needs help with his friend ‘Bernard’… Plus of course YOUR weird news submitted on our Facebook ‘Love’ Site, including:

and your Top 5 Geeky News for today.

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DB278 – Global Warming is a Lie…

It be Friday…

And on today’s show we flap about: Britons drink 5,800 pints in a lifetime, Cut carbon emissions or aliens may attack Earth scientists warn, Robber wearing pants on his head on the run from police in Dallas Texas [image 1 | video 1], Man-Candy from Laz, PLUS of course your top 5 geeky news!

DB261 – DIY Porn

It be Friday…

On today’s weird old show we talk about a lot of jiggly bits! DIY Porn, Buy the house from UP, Women drivers, Man Candy sponsored by Laz, Celebrity Trash, “Interesting” facts about Sharks, PLUS geeky news!

Have a weekend peeps!

DB258 – Pussy-cats vs. King Obama (Coming soon: Pope Obama!)

It be Wednesday…

On today’s mad little show we talk about: Cat photo, How NOT to be a car thief, Stuck Kitten Video, Pussy-cats VS King Obama, Pope Obama, School bells, PLUS Geeky news – and EVEN Laz and his Man-Candy (he doesn’t get out much) [image 1 | image 2].

DB209 – Mankini? What Mankini?

It be Monday…

Today, Leigh is joined with Chris. We talk about lovely things… But my goodness it is hot! It is his first time, so give him a chance!