DB611 – Science is rubbish, Florida STD rates, and is Bitcoin worth anything?

It be Wednesday…

We start off the day with technical issues and tomfoolery. The 3rd birthday of the show was yesterday, Leigh went and had curry to celebrate, but the red.

Ben explains the science of Maxwell’s Demon. Though Leigh interrupts rudely throughout.

Leigh is on the prowl, look out ladies…

A man lost his entire life savings at a fairground on the basis that the organisers would give him his money back. We talk about bitcoin malware and scary things on the internet. A man in Kentucky has stored many gallons of his own urine. We announce the best and worst places for STDs in Florida.

DB339 – Leo Laporte, Erik Lanigan, TWiT and the ramblings of a mad man… [+ SUPER Extra Dirty]

It be Wednesday…

Due to traffic jam hold ups, Leigh starts his LIVE broadcast almost an hour late. “Astra Hosting is Awesome”. Big thank you to Sir Darryl and Gitmoslave for sorting out the ‘start’ of today’s show. Leigh needs to do some ‘house keeping’. Rant about the situation with Leo Laporte & Erik Lanigan. Issues from Saturday’s ‘The Tech Guy’ – and Leigh’s thoughts about what is going wrong over at TWiT. A vivid re-enactment with Tashabella [screenshot | video]. Thanks Giving Eve catch up. Leigh will be LIVE on Thanksgiving! Crooked Teeth Dental Procedure All The Rage In Japan [video]. Record taxi conversations? 800th Anniversary of University of Cambridge. Leigh’s TOP TIP! Porn sites sue internet regulator over .xxx web address. Top 5 Geeky News. Leigh should start a Tech show Dirty Boxers spin-off? Splinter and MrOil call in to discuss the subject.

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