DB500 – Penis Snake

It be Monday… After a LONG weekend of Dominic Neagle ‘Pub Golfing’ for his birthday, collecting random boats for Leigh’s Dad and going out for ‘coffee’ – Leigh is a rather tired boy. A Florida woman is being accused of switching the labels on toys so she could buy them cheap, then resell them for […]

DB175 – Free-for-all in to Randomness

It be Tuesday… I’m high as a kite on something?! (If you know what it is,please get back to me, as I need some more!) Stuff covered in this show: Sponsor: 10% of domain names over at www.hover.com/dirtyboxers Sponsor: Amazingly affordable hosting: www.astrahosting.co.uk Tony off to London Sleeping pattern Lovely day Sky TV moved everything […]