DB500 – Penis Snake

It be Monday…

After a LONG weekend of Dominic Neagle ‘Pub Golfing’ for his birthday, collecting random boats for Leigh’s Dad and going out for ‘coffee’ – Leigh is a rather tired boy.

A Florida woman is being accused of switching the labels on toys so she could buy them cheap, then resell them for a profit on eBay. Star Trek fans tie the knot at “Klingon wedding”. Banana Boat recalls sunscreen due to fire risk. ‘Honey Sex’: Israeli Health Ministry Warns Against Dangerous, Sweet Erotic Stimulant. Penis Snake Discovered In Brazil [image 1 | image 2]. What happens to women who encounter the Penis Snake: image.

DB364 – CES Review and Rant, Skype, Supernatural, Horrid-feeling Leigh and other stories

It be Friday…

Feeling a tad crap today – so let’s have a relaxed show… Skype is a douche. How are people forgeting the [sc]Amazon link? The ‘pilot’ of Bagel Tech Rage that you won’t hear. An epic TROLL [called GayfromScotland] from the Guys from Queens chatroom. Virgin Media is going to double the speed of broadband. Investment in fibreoptics. SCREW DOWNLOAD SPEEDS – WHERES UPLOAD SPEEDS?! Logitech bringing out the C920 [so the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 is going CHEAP!]

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DB175 – Free-for-all in to Randomness

It be Tuesday… I’m high as a kite on something?!
(If you know what it is,please get back to me, as I need some more!)

Stuff covered in this show:

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  • Tony off to London
  • Sleeping pattern
  • Lovely day
  • Sky TV moved everything 🙁
  • Epic Weird News Show!
  • Red Nose Day Fundraising Pack arrived
  • 48hrs of Dirty Boxers?
  • Pot anyone?
  • The iPope
  • Celebrity Trash
  • Geeky News

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