Dirty Boxers 063 – I’m famous and stuff, and I don’t have a podcast or a website or anything… Why am I doing this show? What’s going on?

This show was recorded on Tuesday 13th July… Stuff covered in this show: 1&1 Servers have gone down – so website & podcast is deaded! Overslept – missing a very important meeting The hunger strike continues – Lot’s news stories about it: BBC Radio Cambridgeshire Cambridge Evening News SWNS ‘News’ Story Reading comments from the […]

Dirty Boxers – Take 2?

So, this is it! The first post EVER over on the new, improved servers which have been generously donated by Bren from thisrealitypodcast.com. Now this move was always on the cards, but the manner it was done, and how quickly we acted was not. So you might notice this site is currently rather bare and […]