BagelTech Nonsense “Wealth Creation Seminar”

In this episode of Bagel Tech Nonsense we are joined by Andrew Zarian from the GFQ Network. We discuss: Firefighters let house burn down because of unpaid $75 fee • Behringer’s $29999 iPod dock • The ultimate iPod dock? Golden ‘alpine horn’ turns your smartphone into a gramophone • District

DB229 – Police, Boys and The Dirt-ettes

It be Monday… On this spankingly good show, we talk about Boys and their toys, Two headed babies from China [of course], a 91yr old Batman looking for a new Robin, Student tasered for having saggy Trousers, making new jingles with The Dirt-ettes, Police finding – then loosing Cannabis, Dominic Neagle and his Convention ‘ideas’, […]

DB174 – Confessions of a Geeky Poofter

The house was empty, and I needed a chat / info dump the crap going around in my foolish head. Feeling stupidly down at the moment, and so if have any ideas about what I can do to sort me out, that would be very helpful. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 19:55 […]

Helpful Chat-up Lines for Geeks

Are you a geek / nerd? Want to chat someone up? Why not use a Star Trek or Harry Potter themed chat-up line to woo your love interest? Dirty Boxers PROUDLY presents helpful one-liners for the hopeless Geek / Nerd romantics out there.

DB097 – Doing it LIVE baby!

It’s only bloody FRIDAY! Stuff covered in this show: Doing it live: Scouting meetings Tony Batty Boy Tony and his Sleeping during meetings NHS issues… Update! Cloud Computing In Business on BBC Radio 4 Weird News Geeky News Want to get on the radio… Check out: Leigh is writing a book… And you […]

DB091 – Interesting Moral Dilemma

A show concerning a dilemma of morals… Who would have known! Stuff covered in this show: My moral dilemma Feedback from Paul about Cloud Computing My new software StudioRack Apple and their new iPods Geeky News Want to get on the radio… Check out: Leigh is writing a book… And you can buy shares […]

DB089 – Bank Holiday Monday Special

Back for a special BUMPER Bank Holiday Monday Show… Have you missed me? Stuff covered in this show: Thursday – BT Engineer came to fix the phone line Was ill… Feeling a bit better – But Mother is ill Me & Parcel Force New studio Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Meal between friends before movie… […]

Dirty Boxers 080 – The Pre-Recorded Saturday Show is back!

After a break, Tony ‘The Batty’ and Leigh sit down for a random chat about life in general! (It keeps Tony out of trouble!) Stuff covered in this show: Catching up with what Tony has been up to Special episode Tony’s Parents are listening – And Tony is in trouble Catchup about side effects of […]

30 shows and counting…

In little over a month’s time, we will be hitting our 100th show of Dirty Boxers. This is an insane concept to us, especially when this show has grown SO quickly to SO many corners of the world, that we feel it’s time to shake it up a bit. Firstly, we are not going to […]