It be Friday… We are graced with the presence of Martin Galvin [‘Website’ | Twitter] for today’s slow news day… Replacing Sysadmin with “teacher”. Morph and Chas . Lego is racist. BIG rant about 3D films. Captain America and 38 versions… Final Destination 5 poster banned [Banned poster]. Old people should be kept alive until […]

Unboxing a Buddy Christ from Dogma

Unboxing a Buddy Christ from Dogma! If you’ve ever seen Kevin Smith’s Dogma, you’ll be amazed by the detail of this small figure. Available in: Best Price for the UK http://www.dirtyboxers.net/dogmabuddychrist-uk Best Price for the USA http://www.dirtyboxers.net/dogmabuddychrist-usa Come and join in the daily fun of the Dirty Boxers Podcast. Bringing you the latest in Tongue-in-Cheek, […]