DB352 – Incest in Schools, Amazon lies, Banksy unveils church abuse work, Festmas, GitmoSlave is a horrid bully, Website knows what you’ve illegally downloaded

It be Tuesday…

Thanks to LoneSQRL for our fest-mas remix. ISP issues… blaming the children. Website knows what you’ve illegally downloaded… But it lies! [YouHaveDownloaded.com]. Leave Bit Torrent alone ūüôĀ How do you get PR stunt-age?! Chat room comes up with some good excuses for ‘covering your back’. Amazon lies, and Leigh is screwed! How Amazon works… Festmas and Dirty Boxers.¬†90-year-old woman jailed.¬†High School organizes parent-on-child kissing as entertainment [video].¬†Rosemount High School¬†principal apologizes for parent-on-student kissing prank.¬†The world’s ‘most expensive’ quad bike has gone on sale [image].¬†Banksy unveils church abuse work [link].¬†Teen writes death threat to Santa.¬†Zynga shares fall 5% on stock market debut. Facebook is NOT a platform! Top 5 geeky news! Problem with Sony.

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The crazy peeps take over the asylum…

It be Monday…

Leigh’s ISP refused to re-connect [turned out to not be JUST Leigh’s ISP] – and so Mr Oil and Gitmoslave ‘entertain the masses’… Some people have TOO much power! They fondle his dropbox and generally cause mayhem… They rape Leigh’s phone and are VERY mean.

Leigh does FINALLY return an hour in.