DB383 – Russian Mammoth strikes again, Iron Sky, Trend Setting, Italian Night for Doctor Who, Irish Stew perving, and Dumpling size comparing…

It be Monday…

New members of the family of Dirty Boxers… Welcome to Haverhill FM. Dirty Boxers is a trend setting show – and yet ONCE again, No Agenda Show has ‘borrowed’ content: Iron Sky. Reminder about Leo Laporte affair WE brought you the news about 2 months before Gawker and Daily Mail did. Doctor Who night on Saturday with ‘Italian Night’. Mr Oil calls in with moaning. Winter Irish Stew cooking. Dumpling talk. GMT time vs UTC time. MCS Matt calls in for the fun of it. American driving license debate. Good cop Bad cop on NAPU. Is Russia concealing mammoth mystery? [video]. Submit and vote on news for the show via: DirtyBoxers.net/reddit. Feedback from John Cole – Our Brit in the USA [video]. We need to make sure Daniel Bell doesn’t turn in to Joe de Max. Dirty Boxers Search: Search by the seat of your Pants.

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