DB269 – Scout Camps, Audioboo & Naked Faces

It be Friday…

Welcome to the last episode of ‘Season 1’. Leigh is taking a week off to go to Scout Camp, but he will be still updating you with ‘mini’ shows via Audioboo’s from camp (about 3 a day, which have been nicknamed ‘Dirty Boxers Lites‘). He’ll be using his iPhone 3G and an iRig iMic. The Dirty Boxer Lites (which will be AUDIO only), will be available either on the Audioboo website, or on the Dirty Boxers website – your choice!

Covered in today’s show: USA is doomed, Silly German Sausages, Ice Creams for Bears, Museum for Arnie and Emergency back-up content from the Scouting Magazine, PLUS your geeky news!

DB233 – I have a new mic (So I’ve been exploring again)

It be Monday…

On today’s lovely show: Sorry about Friday, iRig iMic review, RAF Wratting Common, Haverhill History Centre, Railway Hunting, The world’s most expensive ice lolly, How not to park a car, Legless Swimmer, FIREFOX CRASHES, Stowaways – how not to travel, PLUS all your geeky news!

Bartlow Railway Station Photos

Signal Box
Signal Box
Old Station (Now a private house)
Goodsyard Platform
Mile Stone
Some Rail Tracks left behind
Old Water Tank

Linton Railway Station Photos

Facing towards Bartow
Platform 1
Waiting Room on Platform 2
Station Front
Old Railway Crossing Gate

Yeldham Railway Station Photos

Platform 1 on the right
Platform 1

DB232 – I’ve been on a Treasure Hunt…

It be Thursday…

On this lovely show we discuss: Finding things, History, Polish the Turd, NPE Map, Out & About, Clare Railway Station, a Blind-man Enema, TxTbone and his Coffee enema, Drink Drivers, PLUS your geeky news!

Clare Railway Station Pictures