The Bucket of Delicates and Fake Icelandic Yogurt | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 887

It be Monday…

Executive Producers: Matthew Blakeburn & Marty from the WI.

Today, Leigh and Tory are joined by Callum, Kelli & Matt to discuss Callum’s delicates bucket. It soon comes to light that Callum is actually a VERY BAD student, and is not doing anything right. But we do learn much about his University in Leeds Luton, including his latest alcoholic exploits.

Leigh has not been feeling well – but doesn’t like the lack of health & safety warnings from the local community: “Oh, there’s a lot of that going about”. Icelandic Skyr yogurt is a lie. Newcastle Ale is a lie. Guinness is a lie too. Chicken: Breast or Leg? America is foolish when it comes to counting…

Check out the Dirty Boxers Forums to submit news for the show, as well as flirt outrageously! Registered Sex Offender Sues Halloween Safety Program. “Operation Boo,” a yearly program run by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to to protect children from predators during Halloween, is scheduled to go into in full effect later this month, but an attorney and activist wants to change that.

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On Extra Dirty:

  • Matt has big tits
  • Kelli has changed her hair colour – and Leigh notices, but fails!
  • Matt’s back door is broken
  • Awkward text messages from Jolene
  • Germans are buggered
  • The in’s and out’s of Laz’s bum-chum nation

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DB617 – Star Trek: Into Darkness Review, Meteror in UK, Volcano in Iceland, and BIG news for the show

It be Thursday…

Leigh has good news and bad news. BT infinity is finally available! Ben has been playing games again, is the one he focuses on today.

Leigh brings up the bad news after a bit of a show-about-a-show segment. Star Trek Into Darkness, many gripes are aired and names are thrown around.

After our serious criticism of the afore-mentioned film. We go on to serious news about fireballs, volcanoes and grounded planes. A tonne of volcanic ash has been flown from Iceland to Luton airport in readiness for a “unique experiment” to test an aircraft warning system designed to detect ash clouds.