DB507 – Skyfall Review, Suddenly Scrotum, and Skippy’s Slots

It be Friday… Ben and Matt call in and start fighting immediately. Laz and LoneSQRL call in soon after. The fighting and bitching continues till the first break. After that, Leigh gives his review of the new jimmy bond movie. We talk about technical things, Laz and his facebook ads. We talk about samsung vs […]

DB506 – Fudge-Packer Jimmy Bond and Weed Breasts

It be Thursday… It is Hello_Kelli’s and LoneSQRL’s birthday today, happy birthday to them! Leigh talks about his encounter with a fudge-packer. The Ginger Steve t-shirts are here, and Leigh trys one on during the show. Leighs fancy dress party is coming up, he is excited. Leigh plays some STUPID JIMMY BOND MUSIC continuously, very […]

DB505 – Billions about Bonds, Blondes, and Zombie Nuggets

It be Wednesday… Leigh relates a tall tale of curry and (not) peanut butter. Halloween is on…yeah! We discuss this in detail and without getting sidetracked at all. Leigh has a dvd date (#notadate), romantic times sure to follow. We follow this with an email and discussion of beer. We have zombie news! A man […]

DB504 – Urine-Powered Rapey Face

It be Tuesday… Leigh was shopping at the nazi wearhouse of joy (Tescos) and purchased items such as yoghurt. On the way out of said shop he was yelled at by an older lady. Leigh is outraged, a rival podcaster has been mentioned in a rap groups song. This is bloody stupid. STD cupcakes are […]