DB495 – Sleepy from 24 after 72

It be Wednesday…

Leigh relays his excuse for not doing a show yesterday, basically everyone told him was tired and he believed them. Ben and Steve (not ginger) call in to give encouragement and guidance. The Laz calls in to give the show a bit of class.
Laz relays the story of his crazy cat and makes plans to control her. Tashabella has to move her office around, it sucks.
Brian calls in to discuss cats, dogs…birds & bees and all that tosh.
We have a new zombie jingle! It signals a zombie event, of which one was held in new york.
Bear Grylls is in a new NBC reality TV show, what fun.
A man has fractured his penis, and has sued the manufacturer of the penis enhancing supplements he was using at the time.

DB494 – Irritable Portugese Balls and Swedish Lunches

It be Monday…

Leigh is tired and irritable, 24 hours of continuous broadcasting does tire one. A Beatles album is being re-released digitally, who knew? (certainly not Ben and Matt who have called in).
We then play everyones favourite songs, including dubstep versions.
Ginger Steve then calls in to provide tech support and talk about the dangers of alchol.

A portugese man has murdered his gay lover in a fit of rage. He then cut of the dead mans testicles and wandered around manhatten touching people with them.

We have a voicemail from Tashabella.

A lunch lady in sweden has been reprimanded for giving high school students food that was too good.

DB493 – 24 hour Extravaganza Boxathon

It be Friday…

After 2 days of silence, the triumphant return of the Dirty Boxers show is happening. The strange story of Tuesday is recounted, Leighs date stood him up. However, after a night which he remembers very little of, he encounters some strange circumstances.
Ben then calls in to provide insight into these crazy circumstances.
A man has crashed into a tree in sweden in 1971 while nobody was around. We have a quiz as to the cause of this.
Tory calls in, he is going to another music festival!

After the top of the hour MrOil calls in and expostulates. Charlie Boy then calls in to try to answer the question, but gets egg on his face.
Steve (not ginger) calls in to provide a bit of class.
And from here we will continue for another 22 hours… enjoy

DB492 – Airplane Wedding Crashers

It be Tuesday…

Red Dwarf is back, smeg and all!

Dirty Factor is on, with Ben and Tory guessing the answers to silly questions from Leigh. We have feedback, a phone call and an email.

We have swedish news, a man has skipped the country after being nearly put in jail for his crimes. He now is a hunted man.

Another man has proposed to his girlfriend by nearly crashing the plane there were in, its a weird old world.

Leighs date was postponed till tonight, even though he is not feeling so great but he is going to man up anyway.

The very-lovely Tashabella calls in to discuss zombies and airports.

A former priest has been dismissed (and then promoted to a supervisor) from the TSA because of allegations that he molested girls during his time as a priest.

Derek is wonderful, and everyone should download it.

DB491 – The Need for Snap, Why Men Like Breasts, and Bagel-Heads

It be Monday…

We discuss many, many difficult situations which have the potential to be homophobic or homosexual respectively.
The Boy Scouts of America have declared that their organization is safer from sexual abuse compared to home or school.

The science of men being attracted to breasts is explained (or not).
We have voicemail!
We need more donations, its essential for us to continue that we get enough money to survive past episode 500.
The promo code for the Dirty Boxers Raw is hidden in the show somewhere, good luck finding it.

People in asia have been getting bagel shaped injections on their foreheads, pretty weird right? Apparently you push your thumb in the middle of the forehead for the climax.

A man can remember every detail of his teenage years, facsinating.

DB478 – We’re back with Uncle Bob’s Attic and Endless Orgasms with John’s Beef Jerky

It be Monday…

Leigh is back from his lads-holiday. Lots of stuff has changed! The attic is cleared now, lots of stuff has been burned to a crisp. Ben @splinter701 and LoneSQRL @LoneSQRL and Brian @brianmonroe all call in to congratulate. Leigh and his friends have spent all their money on gambling on the slot machines, paying for slots…

We have 2 voicemails today, one from a nice quiet gentleman, and one from a very loud lady. After this, Leigh relates a story of back-beach cooking. We reintroduce random pedophilia with the gangnam style video, an english version is proposed.

We have news! (courtesy of tashabella). A florida man, has been storing body parts.
A lady has fallen down some stairs and has acquired persistent arousal syndrome.
A woman has chopped off her boyfriends penis and flushed it down the toilet.
An Idaho man trying to contact a drug dealer, accidentally contacted a policeman instead.
A family in china has shaved numbers into their children’s hair, purely for the purposes of identification though.

DB475 – Fake Scots, Naked Politicians and we are not here tomorrow

It be Tuesday…

James calls in to tell of tales of Ireland. Ben has gotten his new microphone and does not sound so fuzzy anymore.
James has a story about wales, with there being some alternate Olympic games going on over there.
A Los Angeles restaurant has given a 5% to people who hand their phones in when they enter the establishment.
LoneSQRL calls in to discuss many things.
Skinny dipping is bad! Especially if your name is Kevin Yoder.
A christian girl with downs syndrome could be executed in Pakistan for burning Islamic texts.
A message to fox news here: It is spelled Quran NOT Koran. Thank you for your time.
LoneSQRL teaches us about baking, very interesting.
Florida news time! People who smoke don’t support smoking bans, who knew?
An Irish shopowner in the USA has embraced his Irish heritage by wearing a kilt.

DB471 – Blacks Are Cool, Fun and Never Age

It be Wednesday…

We have taken over haverhill FM! The featured show is back with broken records and all the people you love.
We find out what google means (googol by the way).
Leigh is turning black with tashabella’s help, very saucy.
We discuss the pope and his website and stuff that was stolen from his apartment.
A man in sweden (hoody hoody) has been walking around the streets of the swedish capitol carrying an axe while leading a group of children.
A certain journalist rides around the country in his van + caravan and just has a lot of fun traveling. Leigh wishes to emulate him.

DB470 – Paddington the Drunken Olympic Closing Ceremony Bear

It be Monday…

Record breaking is one of the main topics again, with much boasting going on. Also the badger song is featured.
We are going to talk about the closing ceremony of the olympics, with much ado and padding.
In Norway, a bear with cubs has allegedly drunk over 100 cans of beer from a cavern up north.
Russian supreme court has stopped a man from owning the Vatican.
We finally talk about the closing ceremony, after much padding. The french are douche-monkeys and the IOC is corrupt.
In California, a man has tried to steal a car and was fought off, yay.
A man has been discovered naked in his neighbors bed by the police, who knew?

DB469 – Breaking Records and Feeding Gators

It be Friday…

We have a lot of catching up to do, as the past 4 days have had no official Dirty Boxers broadcasts. We talk about Leigh’s record breaking 70 hour broadcast, and the other people involved.
We have Florida news! A boater was arrested for feeding an alligator some of his hand.
A man in sydney is watching the olympics! big news!
Be careful what you put up your nose, nobody will notice for years if you put stuff up there.