DB524 – The Perfect Murder, Pope Rap and Racist Swedes

It be Thursday… We start off the day by talking about the phone-hacking scandal in the UK. Panorama is now Leighs show of choice, giving such information as “how to commit the perfect murder” and “how to dodge tax”. Kelli the webmistress calls in to ask our expert advice. Leigh has also spotted a interesting […]

DB498 – The IncestFest of British English

It be Wednesday… Turns out those bloody Americanos are stealing even MORE from the Brits… Rudeness! Ben calls in from the road, guiding us through the lovely city of Perth. We have hoody hoody news, swedish students are getting photos retouched. Schools may be extending school hours in Germany, supposedly taking 1 whole year off […]

DB476 – Naked royalty and LoneSQRL’s package

It be Thursday… Leighs family has come back from the funeral. Ben calls in to discuss beef jerky. Leigh tells his story of yesterday, with many things happening at the funeral. Leigh then tells of his new talk show game “6 feet under”. We bring back celebrity trash, with Leigh reading out silly news stories […]

DB471 – Blacks Are Cool, Fun and Never Age

It be Wednesday… We have taken over haverhill FM! The featured show is back with broken records and all the people you love. We find out what google means (googol by the way). Leigh is turning black with tashabella’s help, very saucy. We discuss the pope and his website and stuff that was stolen from […]