Unofficial Dirty Boxers – Breaking in the studio

It be Friday…

Ben and Leigh sit down to have a chin-wag about stuff. Mainly to test out the new wiring for the studio, but also to try and get back in to the swing of things after their two weeks off. Ben isn’t feeling very well. Leigh is confused by New Years’ from around the world. Great discussion is also had about what a ‘Doctor Who Annual’ is. Finally, some sad news about BT Infinity and plans for the next year.

A full, true Dirty Boxers show is coming Monday! Have a great weekend.

DB457 – Slow News Day

It be Monday…

Today is a slow news day, so we are scraping the barrel as hard and fast as we can. Leigh has been having troubles with the police, they seem to think that he is a criminal because of his car. It has been observed that geeks and/or nerds are the new hippies. LoneSQRL calls in to discuss this and other deep subjects.
We have some very serious show news. Leigh will be away on the last week of August and the first week of September. He will be having fun and games and sunshine. Laz and his new haircut [image], which makes him look like TinTin – With extra modifications done by TXTBone [image]. Servers have been failing due to frying squirrels, they are very talented. Top 5 geeky news appears! Its awesome. Are facebook likes worth anything? We find out by doing journalistic type investigation.

DB366 – SHERLOCK IS DEAD, Mr Oil and his Honeymoon, LoneSQRL is a right old Douche-Monkey,

It be Tuesday…

EVIL! Not live, yet. Bloody internet issues. The Fast Show ‘quote’. Mr Oil calls in from his Honeymoon – to have a meeting! The ironic situation… NYC school worker fakes daughters death to go on holiday. Mr Oil calls back with a BETTER interweb connection. Worried about parents on the internet. Telly-box ideas. SHERLOCK IS DEAD!

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DB239 – Boys banned from touching Boys

It be Tuesday…

Met up with my old school friends, got interviewed by students, maybe changing Dirty Boxers schedule, sorting out day-to-day stuff, Emma & Pete Show discussion, More money found, Boys banned from touching Boys, Overloaded lorry falls through bridge, Woman takes Parrots on Holiday, Website ranks MPs by sex appeal, PLUS geeky news!

Dirty Boxers 080 – The Pre-Recorded Saturday Show is back!

After a break, Tony ‘The Batty’ and Leigh sit down for a random chat about life in general! (It keeps Tony out of trouble!)

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Catching up with what Tony has been up to
  • Special episode
  • Tony’s Parents are listening – And Tony is in trouble
  • Catchup about side effects of medication
  • Concerns with Tony’s Parents listening
  • I vote for Parents | I vote for Andi ‘Hi Ya!’
  • I feel like I’m Holiday while back in Haverhill
  • Flirting issues
  • Tony’s Revolution card
  • Staff outing
  • Top Tips on how to pull people in Uniforms
  • How many messages in this show?
  • Bitter Backwards…
  • Tony will be back more often
  • Skype Pamela Plugin
  • New setup for the studio
  • Suggestions about improving the show are always welcome
  • Confusions over Facebook Stats
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