DB545 – Scouting for Local News, Bribery and a HARD Caption Competition

It be Friday… Today’s show is lovingly sponsored by: Dom McKenzie’s ‘A Brush with the Stars’. After much LOVELY sleep, Leigh is rather bouncy with news and stories from Scouts. Important news: Due to stupid technical issues, FULL notes will [hopefully] appear over the weekend – Sorry! Caption of the Day Winner ‘Interesting Shoes’: “For […]

DB308 – Whatever Suits You…

It be Thursday… Even though there is sad news about Steve Jobs, Leigh decides not to talk about it. Emma and Pete are back – very good show to listen to! Richard Vobes is also very good show! Trying to explain why Thursdays are important. Issues with the ‘Bat Signal’. American Football ‘bans’ 11yr old […]

DB090 – Who’d da thunk it?

Tuesday’s lovely show… Ooh the excitement! Stuff covered in this show: Pirates of the Caribbean 4… Grr! (Watch the trailer here) Haverhill Echo front page headline Sing-a-long Tuesday Manflu in the house… Mother-dearest is ill upstairs ‘No Frills’ Hotels – Tune Hotels New ‘imaging’ for Dirty Boxers coming Monday Celebrity Trash Feedback Thought of the […]