SCIENCE! People with Higher IQ Smoke More Weed! | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 774

It be Wednesday…

Leigh is joined by Ben & Tory for a fascinating Wednesday chat. We catch up with Ben who has got some AMAZING surprises of what he has been up to over the summer break. You won’t believe what Mrs Splinter has got him doing! Plus an exciting update about Ben’s football / soccer team.

We also have some feedback from a listener via our Contact Us page. Also, we have an update concerning Matthew Hancock MP and his letter he sent Leigh in April.

Finally, we do some SCIENCE on Ben, after Leigh found an info-graph entitled “The Good and Bad Habits of Smart People“… Turns out, by using SCIENCE, Ben is not smart. Perhaps next time we can scientifically prove if he is a person or not 😛

On Extra Dirty:

  • 14-year-old boy is facing two years in jail [NSFW IMAGE]
  • Ben was caught moments before doing the same thing [NSFW IMAGE]
  • But THIS is ok?! [NSFW IMAGE]
  • Also, Leigh has been looking in to Home Automation Systems – be concerned!

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DB545 – Scouting for Local News, Bribery and a HARD Caption Competition

It be Friday…

Today’s show is lovingly sponsored by: Dom McKenzie’s ‘A Brush with the Stars’.

After much LOVELY sleep, Leigh is rather bouncy with news and stories from Scouts.

Important news: Due to stupid technical issues, FULL notes will [hopefully] appear over the weekend – Sorry!

Caption of the Day Winner
‘Interesting Shoes’: “For the girl on the go.” Hello_Kelli

@DominicNeagle @arry_ant @Gingersteve91 I’m going to @DomMckenzie1’s event on 31st. Sent you invite on FB. Just wondered if you wanna come?

DB308 – Whatever Suits You…

It be Thursday…

Even though there is sad news about Steve Jobs, Leigh decides not to talk about it. Emma and Pete are back – very good show to listen to! Richard Vobes is also very good show! Trying to explain why Thursdays are important. Issues with the ‘Bat Signal’. American Football ‘bans’ 11yr old boy Demias Jimerson [Video]. ‘AlphaDog’ [L3] replaces ‘BigDog’ [Video | Article]. Issues with the Laptop and Tank the desktop – with BIG help from Klaatu. Birthday girl accidentally swallows surprise necklace [Image]. MrOil, MCS Matt and Corey call in – but Skype is being a RIGHT douche! Leigh helps MrOil to sorting out his honeymoon. Important discussion about Suits! Even time for some Geeky News!

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DB090 – Who’d da thunk it?

Tuesday’s lovely show… Ooh the excitement!

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Pirates of the Caribbean 4… Grr! (Watch the trailer here)
  • Haverhill Echo front page headline
  • Sing-a-long Tuesday
  • Manflu in the house… Mother-dearest is ill upstairs
  • ‘No Frills’ Hotels – Tune Hotels
  • New ‘imaging’ for Dirty Boxers coming Monday
  • Celebrity Trash
  • Feedback
  • Thought of the Week / Rant of the Week
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  • Shh… Something different! lol

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