DB312 – Manflu vs Child Birth [and other stories]

It be Friday…

Leigh is not feeling too good, but still here! Could it be menopause? Leigh is upset he might not be able to attend a Graduation Party tonight. Leigh has been told off about calling No Agenda Stream NAGradio [even though that is there URL?!]. Orange Juice is confusing. Issues with streaming… Klaatu and VLC ideas. People call in to be ‘Co-Host’ for a few minutes to help Leigh out. Ex, Ex Mrs Brown and Mouth Aids. Extended show on Thursdays. Tasting Dog Food. GitmoSlave explains issues with the stream. MrOil calls from a random location. Leigh and MrOil have been thinking about how to do the show ‘on the road’: HUAWEI E583c Wireless Modem, and then a separate Antenna. AMAZING contribution by Laz – $100! The electric bill is almost £300?! Call in from ‘dirty lurker’ listener Tom. Tashabella calls in too! PLUS some geeky news!

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DB237 – Catch up!

It be Thursday…

My, it has been a while – sorry about the pause of shows! Feedback, (Follow @CrippleMum on twitter), Send MP3s in about what you are doing, Researching history for new show, RAF Upwood, Mrs Brown and I (recap for TXTbone), Out and About at RAF Upwood, BREASTS, teenager on the run, Speaking Dogs, PLUS your geeky news!

RAF Upwood Photos

DB198 – It’s St Paddy’s Day!

It be Thursday…

Covered in this luxurious show we cover exquisite things such as St Patrick’s Day, Update from my Doctors Appointment today, Celebrity Trash, Scouts, and EVEN a chat with my little brother Paul about his 74 mile bike ride for Charity – please sponsor him!

Important note: There is no show tomorrow (Friday)