DB291 – Where did Justin Bieber’s Penis go?

It be Tuesday… Issues? What issues?

On today’s show:

  • The madness of technology
  • Justin Bieber’s Penis
  • Celebrity Trash: Madonna to critics: “review my movie, not me”
  • Feedback
  • Cameron would have made good KGB agent
  • SCIENCE IS IN: Smoking marijuana not linked to obesity
  • PLUS your Top 5 Geeky news for today

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DB264 – Playing with new toys

It be Wednesday…

On today’s rather manic show, Leigh plays around with a new piece of software [while trying to keep the show under control!]. Covered in today’s show: New ideas and concepts for Dirty Boxers, Livestream vs. Ustream, Pink Coloured Kitty, A dog with 4 ears, A hotel for pouches, An owl leaves a mark, and Laz provides Man-Candy… PLUS of course geeky news. [Also a hint that Leigh is giving up the cancer sticks?!]