Doctor Who Fob Watch… I REALLY want one!

The Master's Fob Watch

The Master's Fob WatchIt has come to my attention that I have been neglecting my ‘back burner’ over the past few months – but I’m out to rectify this… And look what I found: The Doctor’s Fob Watch!

Ok, admittedly, it’s The Master’s Fob Watch, but it’s better than nothing! [And let’s be honest, they both looked the same to me!]

Based on the Masters Fob Watch from popular BBC TV show Doctor Who. Gallifreyan engraving covers the outside of the zinc alloy case which opens to display the polished face of this iconic time-piece which again is engraved with Gallifreyan symbols. The watch also has a built-in light, which illuminates the face with a blue glow.

Limited edition of 2000. Go and check it out >

Is it sad that I really, REALLY want one?

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