DB363 – Scottish Referendum, Rate a RAT, New Show, Pink Facebook Profiles, The Nightmares of Sysadmins, MORE feedback [+ Extra Dirty]

It be Thursday… Lying network icons… EVIL network icons. New magazine idea: The Nightmares of Sysadmins. Firefox extentions and scripts crashing. An awesome skype conversation with TechnoExpert: DCIM is not accessible. The directory name is invalid. Quick question concerning¬†Scotland Referendum / Devolution, Alex Salomd and David Cameron. Pepsi and Coka-cola have FAKE water. Rate a […]

DB110 – Out and About in Cambridge Town

Wednesday’s show is rather cold, rather dark and damp Stuff covered in this show: Family things Forbidden Planet My boiler is broken ūüôĀ Don’s 80th Birthday Celebrity Trash I want that one! Weird moment in FP Geeky News Want to get on the radio‚Ķ Check out: www.dirtyboxers.net/radio Leigh is writing a book‚Ķ And you can […]