DB476 – Naked royalty and LoneSQRL’s package

It be Thursday…

Leighs family has come back from the funeral. Ben calls in to discuss beef jerky. Leigh tells his story of yesterday, with many things happening at the funeral.
Leigh then tells of his new talk show game “6 feet under”.

We bring back celebrity trash, with Leigh reading out silly news stories of celebrities. Prince Harry has been photographed nude, the Sun has a different take though.

We have Florida news! 75 solid citizens have donned robes in the shape of roosters to join a funeral procession, sounds fun.

Chunky blokes have issues with sex and toilets, not necessarily at the same time.

A couple of Swedish people (hoody hoody) shipped their corvette to Detroit to participate in a parade.

A woman has been accused of murdering her husband with a coffee mug

DB469 – Breaking Records and Feeding Gators

It be Friday…

We have a lot of catching up to do, as the past 4 days have had no official Dirty Boxers broadcasts. We talk about Leigh’s record breaking 70 hour broadcast, and the other people involved.
We have Florida news! A boater was arrested for feeding an alligator some of his hand.
A man in sydney is watching the olympics! big news!
Be careful what you put up your nose, nobody will notice for years if you put stuff up there.