Vera Bradley suspends 13yr old boy from School, Homeless Couple Given Home Strips It To Buy Crack, and a Dirty Boxers Tour? | Dirty Boxers Show | Episode 700

It be Friday…

We start off the day with a chat to Tory and Ben about whats been going on their respective lives. This leads to Leigh talking about his friends and Star Trek Online, with all the pain and mischief that goes with it.

Big voice Jay, Tom, and Marty from Wi all call in to tell about the last 24 hours. We discuss the possibility of a Dirty Boxers tour, and the possible profits theirof.

A 13-year-old Kansas boy, Skylar Davis,  says he was suspended for carrying a Vera Bradley purse to Anderson County Senior-Junior School.

A couple who had their (and many others) home provided by the taxpayers, stole everything from the house. Police say a Memphis homeless couple given a free home this year has since stripped it for parts. Police say the couple took everything inside this house to buy crack cocaine. Patricia Douglas and Willie Banner got the home in February as part of a federal program to house 100,000 homeless people around the country.

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