DB623 – Sex in Sweden: condoms optional, Man Cuts Off Own Penis During Fight With Girlfriend and Backwood Cooking

It be Friday…

Leigh is rather shattered, and Ben is bloody late.

Last night Leigh was at scouts and did some lovely Backwood Cooking, and decides to teach you a few lovely recipies – including Twisters.

Tory calls in because Ben is STILL late – to start complaining about the summer heat.

Half of young Swedes don’t use condoms when having sex with a new partner, according to a new study, which also found that 30 percent of Swedes use no contraceptive measures at all. A Swedish man is facing a five-million kronor ($750,000) add-on to his tax bill after the authorities took a proper look at his account on the professional networking site LinkedIn.

An Oklahoma Chili’s said a waitress was fired for a Facebook photo of police dining at the eatery with a caption saying they “better hope I’m not their server.” Chef Allegedly Killed Over Meal Diners Thought Was Poorly Prepared.

DB516 – Sick Sinus’ and Urine Powered Onesies

It be Friday…

Leigh has been sick 🙁 a sinus problem has been afflicting him. Ben and Matt call in and Matt reveals he has a new job.
We then talk about the skype system and Leighs photoshopped picture with a baby

Leigh plans to host a party with a strict dress code of a onesie, suggestions include this and this or even this

A local talk show host has posted a picture on facebook of a young girl in a compromising position with an adult male.

Lord McAlpine (in a follow up from a previous show), is now suing ITV as well as the BBC.

Urine powered generator unveiled at the international exhibition Maker Fair in Nigeria.