DB525 – United States of Coming Out Live with a Ginger Moustache

It be Friday…

Due to the fact Ben is ‘partying it up’ here are some bullet points for show notes:

  • Back issues
  • AWESOME issues with the stream
  • Tayler Swift’s face
  • Woken up
  • Morefore
  • Bullet points
  • United States of Tara
  • Canned TV shows
  • YouTube – Yet another ‘Coming Out Live’ video [Video]
  • MCS’ new life
  • USA & Mucked up driving

Study Investigates What Women Really Want. Drive-In ‘Sex Boxes’ being Installed In Zurich, Switzerland. Kim Ridley and His Daughter In Ebay Ad [image 1 | image 2]. Increase in male breast reduction surgery. Fifty Shades of Grey porn ‘rip-off’ spurs legal action.

And we finish off with the latest ‘Dumb ways to Die’ follow on: Cool Things to Find [Video].

Please support Tony Thatcher with his Movember [bless him, all month he has had a ginger moustache]: http://uk.movember.com/mospace/266216

DB519 – Catching Up With Uncle Pete, Stupid Train Death, and Moron Trivia

It be Thursday…

We are joined today by Uncle Pete! Quality and content all in one. We talk about podcasts and catch up about life in general. Uncle Pete discusses how the Emma and/or Pete show is now finished, and two new podcasts have been launched: Pragmatism and The Elephant of Surprise.

We listen to the ad for rail safety from Australia “Dumb Ways to Die”, is more musical than most ads. We then continue to discuss train safety for a while.

We then listen and critique the Glen Bleck show, the part known as the More-On Trivia show.