DB606 – Earth Day is stupid, Jobs are a lie, and Leigh is feeling VERY rough…

It be Monday…

We start off by with earth day and how stupid it is. Ben gets berated and told off for being 10 mins late.

Ben tells us about his alleged job, which has many imaginary things.

Leigh tells us about his weekend, which involved many shenanigans and weirdness. Many frustrating things happen, including a car ride that involves leaving civilization (however that is possible in the UK).

Leigh tells an embarrassing story involving vodka, red bull, smoke and lack of keys.

DB447 – Zombies Guns, Natwest and Banking issues, and the triangle is fine!

It be Monday…

Leigh has been having major issues with phone calls and men and women in suits (evil). People keep not calling and calling at just the wrong times. NatWest in the UK has been having many troubles with accounts and monies and other stuff. Apparently, this stuff happens all the time at banks, good to know… There is a fundamental flaw in the electronic banking system which we discuss on the show.
Second half of the show, chemicals are discussed for minutes, very interesting. There is a newspaper which printed a version entirely in binary. There is an “ultimate zombie destroyer” [video] available from moss jewellry and guns, very appropriate.
Ladies are a topic of discussion, leighs best buds have had girls throwing themselves at them. Splinter701 discusses his personal story of romance. In short ladies and gentlemen are all equally silly.

The ransom was not met… Here is the punishment!

An old-school party with some of the Nightingale ‘posse’ for someone’s birthday (no idea who’s though). Includes some BEAUTIFUL singing by all, an episode of the Finger Game, and some AWESOME acting by Nathan.