DB613 – Bras and Thongs for Men, New Zealand Banning Names again, and Teacher to Appeal Firing For Urinating In Class

It be Friday…

Leigh is getting concerned with Tashabella. She is going to a wedding, and EVEN Sir Darryl is worried.

For men who may often find it difficult to find just the right bra for them, Australian company HommeMystery has the answer. It has launched a new range of frilly undies for guys. The New Zealand government regulates baby names, refusing to register any it deems offensive, too close to an official title or rank, or likely to cause a lifetime of pain for the recipient.

We have Florida news! A man has been accused of using the 911 service as a delivery system for many things. Leigh thinks this idea should be made official policy and they should be a delivery service.

A New Jersey second grade teacher is appealing his firing. It is alleged he took a piss in class and told students to carry jars of his piss to the bathroom.

The ransom was not met… Here is the punishment!

An old-school party with some of the Nightingale ‘posse’ for someone’s birthday (no idea who’s though). Includes some BEAUTIFUL singing by all, an episode of the Finger Game, and some AWESOME acting by Nathan.

DB206 – One day, Dominic will realise his balls work, and he’ll spawn a child!

It be Wednesday…

Once again we are joined by Dominic Neagle in the studio – with a NEW microphone! Oooh!
Meanwhile, the Batty-boy is in Hove (actually).