DB474 – Farage is my favorite Nigel

It be Monday…

Leigh was recently mobbed by by gingers. There is also a vicar downstairs, which means Leigh will not be doing a show on Wednesday. Ben and Uncle Pete call in to tell about their most interesting lives, and discuss stories of the day. We investigate dogging and what to do with it.
We also investigate Uncle Petes life, with where he lives, what his neighbours are like, whats been going on in his love life and generally being stalkers.
A boy was caught cheating at scrabble in the national championships in FLORIDA (America’s most mucked up state).
A new birth control pill for men is being researched. Apparently it allows sperm to rebound.
Leigh then tells a tale of Bernard, an eager person.
We finish off with tractors.

DB460 – Skid Marks and Dog Cams

It be Friday…

Leigh is happy and sad that Charlie boy’s show is gone, he has multiple personalities I think we can all agree. James @wild_smurf001 calls in and talks about security around the olympics, its a right kerfuffle. Ben @splinter701 and LoneSQRL @lonesqrl also call in right away to give an air of official-ness to the recording. LoneSQRL gives a summary of the learning that happened during the week. There was a shooting in an American movie theatre, our wise and witty panel discusses this incident. We have a heavy discussion comparing gun licenses to automobile licenses and security in general.
We discuss Friday issues, such as parties, fireworks and dogging.
Cameras will be strapped to dogs heads to improve surveillance on police operations. Our expert panel discusses this in detail.
A woman has got a misspelled tattoo on her arm and is frightfully disappointed, but she also laughed a lot.