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DB452 – Ubuntu’s Crock of Crop

It be Wednesday…

There is no IP address to listen live, only the button on works. Power issues have been threatening, but not prevailing! Films are discussed at length with @Kelloli and @splinter701. The Social Network (film) is discussed and then devolves into another discussion about minorities of all sorts. Model railways are cool, as james would say “I like trains”, basically, you can charge more if you are selling to a smaller audience.
Ever wondered what operating system aliens use? Find out by listening to leigh with journalistic integrity. A field will be required in future, because a quest of epic proportions is about to unfold. We, the dirty boxers family, will make dirty boxers crop circles to get attention and thus help complete the mission statement of the show.

DB389 – Open discussion about Dirty Boxers…

It be Wednesday…

Today we need to have a chat about the future of Dirty Boxers. Should it continue? How can it survive? Will people help with Dirty Boxers? If you want to plaster your local area with posters, please download them from here! Leigh is joined by MCS Matt and Mr Oil.

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DB369 – Where is the love? An update on Geeky Things project, and for the LAST time University of Cambridge is a lie!

It be Monday…

Once again No Agenda Mr Oil is complaining… AGAIN! This time concerning 104 seconds. Perhaps a new theme tune tomorrow? A weird weekend through the emails… Which Leigh thinking about the world we live in. Feedback. Don’t forget the Dirty Boxers Store. John Coles purchased an official Dirty Boxers Mug – designed perfectly for both left and right-handed people. Gitmoslave askes a silly question about silly things. Leigh was a lightweight during his ‘Man Date’ with Sputnik Ant and Dominic Neagle – while watching Dr Who… Bit of Bromance. TV News is EVIL. Sex scene plays in the background of TV news broadcast [Video]. Mr Oil is a pesky Russian. Bit of a catch up. Online Petition concerning ACTA… Please sign it [Which is like SOPA + PIPA = WORSE!] Press TV and BT censorship. Geeky Things update: NOT 100% confirmed. Leigh’s BIG idea about online video production. AWESOME Raspberry Pi computer. A HUGE arguement about University of Cambridge [and the fact it is a LIE!].

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While ‘live’ (9am – 11am EST | 2pm – 4pm UK time) please call in:
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“Being Transgendered and Sleeping Nude” – The Sir Darryl Radio Experience

Here is just a highlight of the indepth discussion between Leigh and Sir Darryl from Monday 6th December 2011.

In the clip Sir Darryl reflects on what it would be like to have a sex change and then reveals why he cant SLEEP NUDE.

To listen to the whole show [Leigh appears for the whole second hour – you might want to skip ahead a tad till he comes on]. During the second hour Leigh joins Darryl to explain The Royal Family to a confused Sir Darryl. Listen to the FULL episode called “Modern Day Slavery & England’s Royal Family” on the All Digital Radio Network Archives [Darryl could really do with the numbers].

DB287 – And in other news…

It be Wednesday…

On today’s show we flap our faces about changing from Video streaming to Audio [and the crap that happened], Titanic ice-berk Steve Hide has story of stricken ship tattooed on his back, Stolen parrot helps to catch thief after recognising owner in pet shop, PLUS some exciting news about Dirty Boxers – AND of course your top 5 geeky news for today!

Perk Nipple Test & Trouser Stories

Leigh decides to check if his nipples are perky with Uncle Pete’s “Perk Nipple Test”. All you need is a CD – who knew? We also chat about Pete’s Trouser issues. This is the sort of thing we talk about before we do a live show… Sad really isn’t it! Continue reading “Perk Nipple Test & Trouser Stories”

Customer Service 101

After issues with GoDaddy a few weeks ago, I explain what I learnt about that experience to then help me with my own issues concerning the Ninja membership system. I am hoping this is the first of many weekly videos.

DB219 – Feedback, The Show, and loosing good friends

It be Thursday…

Today we focus mainly on Feedback from Brennig, and how Leigh feels about the show after Tony ‘The Batty-Boy’ leaving. Also discuss about Chinese attempts at Royal weddings, Viagra Beer, Moonwalking politicians, and £4 million ‘Imagination’ Rocks in a Playground… As well as the usual geeky news.

DB176 – YAY!

It be Wednesday…

Stuff covered in this show:

  • Sponsor: 10% of domain names over at
  • Sponsor: Amazingly affordable hosting:
  • Been to the doctors
  • Apology to Tony
  • Production meeting
  • Leaflets from the Doctors
  • Feedback
  • Language
  • Toasters and baguettes
  • Follow-up to previous news story
  • How can we become under house arrest?
  • Slurpy of Coffee
  • Red Nose Day
  • Weird News
  • Sexting… A Balanced Argument
  • The Dirty Boxers iPhone App
  • Geeky News

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