ED698 – Brian brings praise, Sir Darryl is selling he’s daughter, and we are better than TWiT

It be Tuesday POSTSHOW…

Leigh is joined with Tory, Brian and MCS. Brian has MANY lovely things to say about today’s show – some might say he is sucking up… Meanwhile, Sir Darryl does not want his daughter anymore. However, Execs Watching Porn a Leading Cause of Malware Problems. Ben and Bryce finally join us. David Pakman is causing issues…

Video Version

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Audio Version

DB636 – Toy Unicorn Passports, Eyeball Licking Causing Pinkeye and America’s 50 worst charities

It be Thursday…

We start the day with many sound issues, wonky-ness ensues. Also, Leigh’s telephony box has been delayed in production, he is frustrated.

We talk about friend of the show David Pakman, smearing himself around the internet but still not mainstream media.

After the top of the hour, Tory calls in. We talk about a childs fake passport for her toy unicorn.

We have Florida news! The Kid’s Wish foundation raises millions of dollars every year, but they only spend 3 cents for every dollar they receive on kids.

DB523 – Taking Polls about Taking Poles and Taylor Swift’s Face

It be Wednesday…

We have got a top tip from David Pakman (friend of the show), ask a question at the start of the show!

We then move on to hating on Taylor Swifts appearance, she looks like a raggy doll.

If you have worked in retail, sometimes “crap gets real”, when people poo in the store (not in the toilet).

A 10 year old girl in finland has been arrested for trying to download an album from the pirate bay.

A Russian poll has found that 6% of workers would use sex to get a good job.

60 Christmas trees have been stolen from the Boy Scouts of America.

Deputies in America walked into a home and found a pole dancer, two hissing alligator and a stash of pot. They arrested a man on charges of shooting.

DB337 – Possible Lawsuits due to Myndrunner…

It be Friday…

We have a chat with Myndrunner from the MyndJack Radio Show. We have a chat about stuff, including Sir Darryl and Alan swearing on-air – and try to ‘help’. Chat about David Pakman, and when he was on the show – PLUS the BEST radio show ever: News Flash With Michael Latin [link to episode]. We also discuss the HUGELY EPIC Out Loud. The Smurf himself James calls in for a chat about things. Dwayne from B103 calls in, and [pretty much] signs the Dirty Boxers live on air. The British Medical Association update concerning Smoking Ban in Cars proposal. IntelliStreets lamp posts / street lamps [video].

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DB301 – David Pakman, EVIL ‘Dave-Moyer-Gate’ and Man-kini Chris…

It be Tuesday…

On today’s show Leigh talks about feeling rough and burning out trying to organise this show. He also discusses the feedback that has come in for the past 24hrs. We are humbled to be joined by David Pakman from The David Pakman Show, to discuss his show, and Leigh’s concern that King Obama is trying to do a sneaky one. Antubert from TalkRadioX calls in for a nice chin-wag. EVIL Dave-Moyer-Gate continues with threats of Lawsuits and Lawyers IN suits. And Man-kini Chris cannot be bothered to either promote the show OR pick up his phone! PLUS, to celebrate 13th Birthday of Google, Top 10 dead Google Projects by John P. So a fully packed show actually… Which is surprising for a Tuesday 😛

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