DB533 – Leigh’s Throat Woes and Don’t Swallow Your Balls

It be Wednesday… Leigh is still sick, but is feeling ever-so-slightly better. We start of by discussing sick days and sickness. It is 12/12/12 today and thats about all there is. We continue with the countdown to the hobbit, with interesting facts and teases! 13 year old boys looted a Wisconsin pharmacy for condoms and […]

DB530 – Festmas Cards, Nurse Suicide and Stabbing Me Softly

It be Friday… Leigh is sending out christmas cards. He visited a small post office shoppe and is planning to go back again. We then talk again about the countdown to the hobbit! An Aussie radio station has called a hospital (where the duchess of Cambridge was being treated) pretending to be the queen. The […]

DB527 – Flying Hobbits, Atheist Woggles, and a Drop in the Bucket

It be Tuesday… Leigh has been searching to find a few more new ‘Festmas’ themed pieces of music for the show – and some how came across ‘Glomboy’ on SoundCloud. The UK Scout Association have update their oath/promise to include atheists and gays. They are now all inclusive. China’s first World AIDS Day Masturbation Contest […]

DB526 – Hobbit Preview and the Shameful Eagle Asterisks

It be Monday… We begin the day with technical issues, but fix them quickly. Ben may be late, but is at the right place at the right time. We are counting down to the hobbit, yay! Kim Ridley, an oregon used car salesman, who allegedly used his daughter in a skimpy outfit to advertise a […]