DB549 – Les Misérables Review, Glenn Beck’s Utopia, and if Prostitutes Sting – you’re doing it wrong

It be Thursday…

No loving sponsor today.

Leigh is joined again by Ginger Steve and quickly start reviewing the Les Misérables film he saw last night. Even through Leigh is a VERY butch and manly man, even HE was about to cry from the film – before a strange thing happened. We also send out love to two members of the Dirty Boxers’ family – Gitmoslave and Laz. Meanwhile, Glenn Beck Plans Cult-Like ‘Independence USA’ to ensure that “American ideals are not whipped off the planet”. So Leigh and Ginger Steve wonders how many bombs WOULD it take to whip American ideals off the face of the planet…

Teacher Mary Maloney Allegedly Offers Oral Sex To Police Officer After Hit-And-Run Charge. The 10 Craziest Things Employees Tried to Expense Last Year. 78 Arrests In 4-Day Prostitution Sting By Polk County Sheriff’s Deputies In Florida.

The Missing Manual to the World… Will you support it?

I’ve always wanted to write a book… I suppose most people have, and yet we never seem to get around to it. Well today I am launching a new project to write a Dirty Boxers book.

Called “The Missing Manual to the World”; it will be a Tongue-in-Cheek, thought-provoking, but pointless, yet ‘somehow’ entertaining look at the world discussing different subjects that surround us, in the same style and ‘taste’ (if we ever had any), that people seem to have grown to love from the podcast.

Some of the subjects covered in the book will include:

  • Money
  • Work
  • Religion
  • Health
  • Education / Young People

Now why am I telling you lovely people this? Well, as I’d promised in a previous show, members of the Dirty Boxers Family (that’s you) can own a part of the book in the form of shares. There are 2000 shares, and only 1000 of them on sale. To find out more information about the project, to find out how to buy some shiny shares, or to be nosy, please see ‘The Book‘ page for all the gossip and links.