142 Felony Counts for Instagram, Filming Students and Coming Out Live [AGAIN] | Bitesize

The first Dirty Boxers: Bitesize, where we talk about the weird news that has been submitted via the Dirty Boxers Family. —————————– TODAY’S STORIES —————————– Eugenio Freitas Caught Masturbating In The Meat Aisle Of UK Supermarket. Fortunately, the only meat he touched was his own. Eugenio Freitas, 49, “fully intended” to go shopping at a […]

Tom Daley Coming Out Response | Memorable Moment

Tom Daley comes out after he is ‘misquoted’ in a Daily Mirror article. Tom Daley has revealed he is in a relationship with a man. But does take a long time to actually get to the point. Ben, John & Brian gets slightly impatient. Turns out the only person who didn’t know Tom Daley was […]

DB525 – United States of Coming Out Live with a Ginger Moustache

It be Friday… Due to the fact Ben is ‘partying it up’ here are some bullet points for show notes: Back issues AWESOME issues with the stream Tayler Swift’s face Woken up Morefore Bullet points United States of Tara Canned TV shows YouTube – Yet another ‘Coming Out Live’ video [Video] MCS’ new life USA […]