ED575 – The Church of Dirty Boxers and Professional Homosexuals

It be Friday POSTSHOW…

Leigh and LoneSQRL discuss whether Dirty Boxers could be classed as a religious activity – for tax purposes. Cause if Star Trek can be [kind of] a cult, and they have meetings and convensions, why can’t Dirty Boxers? Meanwhile Professional Homosexuals are rude… So, science is discussed – with Joe Peacock and Mummy-boy Joe!

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DB241 – Paddington Bear, History of Roundabouts and What are ‘Bellends’?

It be Thursday…

Quick top tip about Astra Hosting and Britain Rediscovered, Dom Mckenzie and Alex Hahn, the idea for the ‘look’ for Britain Rediscovered [Vid 1 | Vid 2 | Image 1], I’m Your Greatest Number One Fan [Link to Youtube Part 1], Ruskin Gallery Preview Show, History of Bells and Roundabouts, Ban on using Kim for target practice, World’s first floating ice cream van, PLUS Geeky news!

DB239 – Boys banned from touching Boys

It be Tuesday…

Met up with my old school friends, got interviewed by students, maybe changing Dirty Boxers schedule, sorting out day-to-day stuff, Emma & Pete Show discussion, More money found, Boys banned from touching Boys, Overloaded lorry falls through bridge, Woman takes Parrots on Holiday, Website ranks MPs by sex appeal, PLUS geeky news!

DB129 – Bit late…

It be a Wednesday…

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  • Deaf in my left ear
  • Coffee has come!
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  • First day of counselling
  • Geeky News
  • Geeky News Again

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